iOS 10.1 Portrait Mode

#iOS 10.1 #PortraitMode #Evian #Bokeh

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Big, Bulky, Green ≠ Hulk

One more to collection #Fossil #Green

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Trying out Prisma app [Late update]

Being Cyclops 😉 #Prisma

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Life in Brief, Shorts & Pants

Bought new stuffs from Happily Unmarried

Screw It!!! Stuffs from #HappilyUnmarried

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Roads to nowhere

We are always in a hurry that we forget to understand how things become excruciatingly painful for others. There are a lot of things that happen in and around us which seem natural but when you see from a distance, it is disgusting.

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One more year – 2016

It’s the time of the year for that customary New Year post. Just before writing this, I finished 2 posts in quick succession Basic Necessities and Kejriwal – Raising Stakes. Undecided what I should write (more), so I looked back. Last year was one of the times when I was quite low and also lost trust of some people. Devoted some more time to blog (yes, wrote a little more than earlier years), disconnected from social media (read Facebook). Due course of the year, I’ve understood its part of life. You win some and you lose some and as they say I’m back on my feet for now.

I cherish, this has been the most successful year of my blog and post related to SBI online banking has been most commented on. Yes! I count comments because I’m not in the league where unique visitors count. My unique visitors hardly go over 5 fingers but the response for this post want me write more. I shifted my house couple of months back and still coping with new address.

Even though my posts have been as old as 2009 but reposted due to domain name changes, which has screwed the timelines (oldest post in this blog is shown as 2010). I never had a fixed staring point but now it’s time to ask 2016, where to now?

Wish you all and your near and dear ones a fun-filled and prosperous New Year – 2016

Kejriwal – Raising stakes

Kejriwal aka The Muffler Man is back. He has been a anti-corruption crusader and a self-proclaimed incorruptible and only honesty certifying agency in the world. After 49 days of winter, he’s back for 5 seasons of winter. We don’t know if corruption will ever end but Arvind Kejriwal has raised the stakes.

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