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News and ViewsSo much going around the world. For example, new advancements, advertisements, news anything. We all have some views. This blog is dedicated to only views and nothing related to news. We may come up with ranting on old movies or a new advertisement to a old standing order. This will be utter nonsense as the we believe,

When a thing happens it is true only to that instance hence it can never be re-experienced but might be re-created.

If it hurts anyone in anyway, we apologise in advance as that was purely unintentional. It’s just opinions and no conclusion should be derived from the views. We don’t preach, teach or mobilize, we are just thinking a little loud 😉 .

Author: Sabyasachi "SAM" Mohapatra

Sabyasachi Mohapatra the author, editor and owner (this place is for bragging, right?) of ZeroneA. He has varied interests not limited to technology, movies, music, social & political, photography and travel. Software Engineer by education and when not writing (which includes majority of time), he works as software developer to support his ever growing needs & demands. Apart from that, he prefers to daydream and sleep. Do you count Computer Games, watching movies and listening to music? Then there are of course browsing and reading (random things on the internet - just like this one!) You can catch more about him on Facebook , Twitter & Google+.

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