Dew Xtreme Tour, Delhi

On 5th May 2012, we were invited to Nokia Lumia sponsored Dew Xtreme Tour at The Great India Place, Noida. Before the event there was a awesome performance by band The Aphids. Before the crowd could get a breath, it was VJ Ranvijay to steal the show. Ranvijay kickstarted the main event. There were athletes of world fame, who have individually won not one but multiple X-Games events and are big names world-over in Xtreme sports. It was tough to click the pics as the athletes were moving at high-speed, hence images are blurred at many places. Actress Gul Panag was also at venue (whose pic we will share later).

All the pictures here are untouched and directly from camera, no processing is done or whatsoever. We did our best to get you the best shots possible so please do your bit by clicking on Like/Tweet/Share/Leave a comment. Thanks to @NokiaIndia for inviting us to the venue and enjoy the event.

Author: Sabyasachi "SAM" Mohapatra

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