Goodbye Facebook – For now…

Yes! You heard it right. I am bidding farewell to Facebook. I’m not deleting or disabling my account so Facebook will be aggregating my posts from my blog ZeroneA and all pings to Facebook Messenger will reach me – to which I’ll reply too.

I anyways prefer mentioning only exclusive updates on Facebook so might be coming back just to update my who’s-who. Apart from that, It could be temporary restraining order but I’ll not make any promises now even for those updates on Facebook.

So you could just visit my blog (which have been craving my attention for long) or more active timeline of twitter @SAMdLaw (need to add some boosters here too!).

In case you love to keep in touch, you can use the contact me option in my blog. See you around!

Author: Sabyasachi "SAM" Mohapatra

Sabyasachi Mohapatra the author, editor and owner (this place is for bragging, right?) of ZeroneA. He has varied interests not limited to technology, movies, music, social & political, photography and travel. Software Engineer by education and when not writing (which includes majority of time), he works as software developer to support his ever growing needs & demands. Apart from that, he prefers to daydream and sleep. Do you count Computer Games, watching movies and listening to music? Then there are of course browsing and reading (random things on the internet - just like this one!) You can catch more about him on Facebook , Twitter & Google+.

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