Well not actually. My iPhone 5 started developing some issues with its Sleep/Wake button and fortunately I was covered under iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program, they’ll be repairing the Sleep/Wake Button free of charge.

So, if you are a iPhone 5 user manufactured before March 2013, please check if you can get the thing repaired. My iPhone was working fine till couple of weeks ago but suddenly developed the issue and form then it went downhill.

In the process of repair, they’ll change the Sleep/Wake Button, camera module and the battery. The best take away for me is I’ll get better battery life even after 2 years 🙂

There are 2 ways of getting it done. Mail it or visit. Visiting seems better option as you get a loaner phone (which of course you’ve to return with 14 days of repair else you’ll be forced to own the loaner phone which may not be as good as yours).

Without my iPhone, I’m using Moto G (2013) which I’ve till now used as a phone rather than a smartphone. With its not-so-great specs, its not a good multitasking phone and not to mention freezes and crashes on demanding sites. Can’t say its unusable but definitely not like the flagships. After all its a budget phone.

I’ll wait for around 5 days to get my phone back, till then I’m with a loaner iPhone 5.

Author: Sabyasachi "SAM" Mohapatra

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