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IPL is not Cricket anymore!

This is the seventh season of Indian Premier League (IPL) and this time it is played in 2 halves. First half is being played in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and second half in India. This is the second time IPL has traveled outside India. IPL as a culture is growing but I feel this is not cricket anymore.

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New Year – 2014

At stroke of midnight, another year will be history.

For Delhi, a party less than a year old trumped the ruling party for 15 years which was reduced to ashes but still it formed the Government (which is a different story). Some turning point decisions over Nirbhaya and then there was one over LGBT. Controversies still rampant and then someone won Bigg Boss. Mass destruction by floods in Uttarakhand to disaster prevention in Odisha. We have started our run to the Mars yet we struggle with things here on Earth. Scams which ruled headlines last year were overshadowed by the hopes that something better is coming up.

With this hope we bid adieu to the year 2013 and welcome the New Year 2014. Wishing everyone a healthy, wealthy, safe, sound, prosperous New Year.