Mobile wallet is bad for you son!

I’ve been abroad for around a year. Now I’m back and I can see a lot of things have changed. One thing in particular: Wallets. The kind of wallets I’ve been used to is the physical one. Enter PayPal & Google (I know these only), you enter card and/or bank details and you are done. Worked on Apple  Pay too, similar thing. In India, there is another league going on. Continue reading “Mobile wallet is bad for you son!”

What does SBI Think? [Updated]

If you are here for economy, you’ll be gravely disappointed. This is nothing like what you expect this to be. I’ve been using Online Banking for sometime, almost like 6+ years to date but I recently had encounter with the online version of biggest bank of India, The State Bank of India.

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Shure it is!

I always loved how the stage artists wore earphones. Of course it took me some time to know why they wore it. The best part was the way they curled over the ears which means all jumping around as they do and it won’t budge. Then I realised they are not which are available off the shelf in malls as well (many are custom-made) and have a different signature sound. I always longed to have one. Continue reading “Shure it is!”

Indian Ocean, Bournemouth – Restaurant not to visit

Some days back, I put up a review on TripAdvisor but the same was removed stating inconsistency. I thought TripAdvisor was considerate enough to understand the “behavioural disorder” mentioned in the review.

Below is exact copy of the review posted in TripAdvisor as feedback for my visit to Indian Ocean Restaurant and Takeaway at Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom on 13 September, 2014. I submitted the review on 17th September, 2014 and got rejected from TripAdvisor on 18th September, 2014.

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The Last Stand: Arnie will be back

After political career stint, the Mr. Universe and 7 times My. Olympia is back. The Expendables 2 was his comeback  movie but that had lots of other heavy weights but in The Last Stand, there is only one big name. Where does is stand in our review?

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan – A SRK extravaganza

This I’m sure is not first of reviews and I’m not a regular critic, its just starting so bear with me.

This year Diwali release is awaited Jab Tak Hai Jaan which is coincidentally the last film by Yash Chopra. How far did it go in my expectations, lets find out.

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