ZeroneA The Reverse Way Mon, 19 Jan 2015 00:11:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Weirdon’ts – II Mon, 05 Jan 2015 00:32:24 +0000 Continue reading Weirdon’ts – II ]]> With lots of controversy over Weirdon’ts, it’s time I return to the same topic again. This time the setting is in office and it’s a category rather than individual. I’ll narrate my experience and let you decide if you should do it.

Sometime back a party was organised in the office and for some reason, I was asked to handle the distribution of invitations. Explaining in simple terms, it was a major event and all associates of the project were invited along with their family. Keeping in mind the large number of guests, the count was taken as to book the hall and order the food. The invitation cards could have been avoided but that seemed fancy to the organisers (I believe). To keep the fuss minimum, we provided timelines to collect the passes. We too have work and need lunch break too ;-)

During those breaks, I’ve been to different part of the building and will meet “some” who have not collected the invitations will ask “Where are our invitations?” I never knew I look like some sort of Batman with utility belt full of invitations!!! I think the icing was when I went to a different office for meeting. As if I achieved a celebrity status (I guess people thought they got one), many hounded me for invitations. Wow, transition from Batman to Postman! Somehow, I could ignore those facepalm and WTF moments but then all of a sudden I was hit by The Hulk. When returning home, enroute I was asked for invitation pass!

I’m not sure people ignore to realise the fact that everyone is important and when it is clearly mentioned what needs to be done, the instructions are almost everytime clearly ignored. I say don’t act such weird.

Don’t be a Weirdon’t.

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Turning another page – New Year 2015 Sun, 04 Jan 2015 16:40:15 +0000 Continue reading Turning another page – New Year 2015 ]]> For past some years, I may not be regular with my posts but New Year is something, I’ll ensure to post on. Well this year I took some liberty. Before the end of the year, I enjoyed a long leave. Not that I desperately wanted one but something which I could avail and did not want to miss.

This is the second time I’m in Swindon, UK but this time it is with family which makes a lot of difference. All along this 6 months of stay there had been some ups and downs. The most I could take away is “communication”. People may not realise but not communicating correctly not only cause issues to others but also snaps some good relations. But that was my personal experience.

Everyone knows where the world is heading. You must be in a dungeon if you don’t know. Lot has been changed in 2014. Narendra Modi is PM of India, US threw in the red-carpet for him (after denying him Visa), Congress mostly wiped out, we reached Mars yet flights go missing. Then there are things which are still haunting us, fights over religion, rape, inequality, security for life and job.

Things will change and will become better but till then let’s do our bit. Live, laugh, share, cheer, care, protect, heal, love, communicate.

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2015!!!

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iPhone-less Tue, 16 Dec 2014 23:43:15 +0000 Continue reading iPhone-less ]]> Well not actually. My iPhone 5 started developing some issues with its Sleep/Wake button and fortunately I was covered under iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program, they’ll be repairing the Sleep/Wake Button free of charge.

So, if you are a iPhone 5 user manufactured before March 2013, please check if you can get the thing repaired. My iPhone was working fine till couple of weeks ago but suddenly developed the issue and form then it went downhill.

In the process of repair, they’ll change the Sleep/Wake Button, camera module and the battery. The best take away for me is I’ll get better battery life even after 2 years :-)

There are 2 ways of getting it done. Mail it or visit. Visiting seems better option as you get a loaner phone (which of course you’ve to return with 14 days of repair else you’ll be forced to own the loaner phone which may not be as good as yours).

Without my iPhone, I’m using Moto G (2013) which I’ve till now used as a phone rather than a smartphone. With its not-so-great specs, its not a good multitasking phone and not to mention freezes and crashes on demanding sites. Can’t say its unusable but definitely not like the flagships. After all its a budget phone.

I’ll wait for around 5 days to get my phone back, till then I’m with a loaner iPhone 5.

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Who are we laughing at? Mon, 01 Dec 2014 05:35:53 +0000 Continue reading Who are we laughing at? ]]> I saw a video couple of days back doing rounds of Facebook. It was the video of a Doordarshan reporter reporting from IFFI – titled “The most stupid DD Anchor straight from IFFI, Goa”. The video went viral after being released and the reporter being slammed for being the most stupid anchor. The initial share I saw, is now made private. There was an article too by India Today group which aptly titled it 20 howlers from the most stupid TV anchor ever – Do not think of going there, it’s removed now.

I too laughed for sometime but then I realized what a sad state if mind we have!

Doordarshan is a state run channel and with advent of cable\sattelite television it has lost the race long time back. As a child I would crib that we did not have the cable TV while most of my friends had. Then kids used to speak of WWF, Rock, HHH, Meher and Tulsi – it was alien to me and I would try for Shaktimaan, Duck Tales, Talespin.

Doordarshan did start with terrestrial transmission because of costs. India being a huge country with most people from villages, it was a intelligent idea. I could get some decent signal with just 3 wires when monkeys broke our antenna and I did not want to miss a show. Down the line it became a status symbol and it gave the house skyline a cleaner look. Well, I don’t know the reason of cable TV then maybe just a idea of outsourcing terrestrial wires.

There was a time, Doordarshan did well too but sadly we never knew it was incubating other channel biggies (Pranoy Roy, Aaj Tak?). Once there was DD Metro too. The prime time slot of Metro Gold on DD Metro shook Star TV. The Metro Gold did show what terrestrial transmission can do. It was so big that Star TV chose to re-air most of them from beginning.

Does any of these ring a bell? Alif Laila, Surabhi, Sea Hawks, Shaktimaan, Captain Vyom, Chitrahaar, Chandrakanta, School Days, Shirmaan-Shrimati, Tu Tu Main Main, Circus, Fauji, Wagle ki Duniya, Hum, Malgudi Days, Tenali Raman, Turning Point, The Sword of Tipu Sultan, Shri Krishna, Mahabharata, Ramayan, Chanakya, Chandrakanta, Nukkad, Diskey Hour, Byomkesh Bakshi, Tehkikaat, Mungerilal ke Haseen Sapne, Karamchand, Tarang, Meri Awaz Suno… I don’t know how much I can recollect. All these shows started on Doordarshan but where are they now? Spread around to all the channels for reruns.

What happened in between? As I believe, that is what happened: Doorsharan always got fresh programs and after the season ended, re-air was out of question because it was trying to give new faces a chance unlike “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” which will bring in more and more character where Baa will still be alive for over 1000 years. Same shows have been airing on satellite channels for ages now and the shows from Doordarshan are being rerun. In my opinion, Doordashan got the talent. It was free and of course quality was compromised not in programs but in visual appeal. Satellite channels added in beautiful ads and wrapped the same back to people. We loved our programs and once the shows moved, we did too. Slowly and steadily the viewership of Doordarshan declined. It was difficult to get fresh programs because the viewership was dwindling and no one wants to be on sinking boat. I remember, I got the cable connection in my house in 2004 and since then have plethora of channels. We discarded our trusted old TV set because it could only support 9 channels. Now, 10 years down the line, we have a TV which only runs 1 channel – VHF – and 1 set top box which has hundreds of channels and we watch a handful. There may be tens of news channels but when we want actual news, I do turn to DD News. A news channel should be about news and not views – I can make my own views. There was a time my dad would wait for news time and for those 30 minutes it was all news. Now, with 24×7 news channels, it’s difficult to find the actual news and what they feed is their views.

When this lady reporter was being made fun off, I chuckled and thought why would someone do that. Then I asked again, Why would someone do that? Doordarshan covering  an event and with such host? Doordarshan never had a face for its hosts all you get is a voice over of what was happening on scene – this saved them time to cram in news and spare us the view. Clearly I could see the girl was nervous and she was constantly being fed with interviewees. I could see uncomfortable pauses in between where she would repeat same sentence. If I could screen the video, the voice was narrating the actual events as if being told on radio or the age old voice over. I’ve my sympathies with the girl that she became famous for a wrong reason but the way I see it, this was desperate moves from Doordarshan to bring a face to the show so it could also boast some air time. The girl could’ve failed at her job but who put her there should be blamed. Every anchor has a teleprompter or an earphone to get prompts. Why not the producer of show ensured everything for her? It was sheer inexperience and joy of being at such level – a dream to become a national anchor.

The girl could not do her job properly and we failed miserably to understand why she could not. I don’t care if its IFFI or iffy or the thing about the peacock. It is more difficult to stand in front of camera and speak else we would’ve great orators and actor and anchors in those who criticised the anchor for being “stupid”. And in case that is not sufficient, how many did watch the DD News or even the  telecast of the program – what if it was Jackie Chan’s idea of including a gag reel? It is like laughing on an unknown person who just fell to floor by hitting a pole – Will you help or stand there laughing?

Who are you laughing at now?

Considering the sensitive nature, this has been marked as political.

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10 Stupid Things People Believe About Photographers Sun, 16 Nov 2014 00:36:58 +0000 Continue reading 10 Stupid Things People Believe About Photographers ]]> I’m no photographer but I do have a fancy camera, I had $$$ to blow.  Read this article on PixelPluck, which actually represents my agony of carrying this bulky load called DSLR. This does cover a lot of points, but then there are some which I face a lot too.

  • You spent ₹50,000 on a camera?
    My phone/digicam can take similar photos I can then Photoshop/Instagram it. Looks awesome.
  • I got DSLR.
    Me: Wow! Which One?
    Response: Canon/Nikon. I got an amazing deal with 2 lenses.
    Me: Which model?
    Uh… Hmmm… It takes good photos.
  • Suggest me a camera?
    Me: Budget?
    <Let’s not go into detail but got a lot of research information of models as close to DigiCams>
  • Can you take a photo of me <showing their phone>?
  • Can you take my photo in this pose?
  • This is much better in Hindi, “Abey… Kya yahan wahan ki photo le raha hai? Idhar se le, mast aayengi… Achcha meri is pose me photo le.” (What are you clicking here and there? Take a pic from here, its a great view. Ok take my pic like this.)
  • The worst offender: Your photographs are amazing. You have an amazing camera.
  • You did not get your camera? (I know you mean: Now who’ll take our pics to post on Facebook and get maximum Likes)
  • Can you please lend me your camera for <so & so trip or event>?

Yeah! I’m still learning and an amateur and must have done a lot like this (my experienced friends can tell). The top 3 above are personal choices of people but the rest is “the feeling only a photographer can say”

Do read: 10 Stupid Things People Believe About Photographers.

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A month of (no) Facebook Fri, 07 Nov 2014 13:29:19 +0000 Continue reading A month of (no) Facebook ]]> On 01 October 2014, I decided to skip Facebook. This has direct impact on my blog, I wrote little more – I hope.

Other things that changed is I’m getting fewer notifications. Since I’m not posting no more Likes and Comments. Amazingly, no likes on my posts publicised on Facebook either!

I’m spending less time browsing Facebook. Its nothing more than a News Feed. Things looking better as I’m not being told who to wish. Its like everyone will forget your birthday if its not on Facebook and I’m no different. Sunrise Calendar is aggregating all calendar and feeding me and this helps me create a personal touch on who to wish.

Communication is not just Facebook so WhatsApp is getting used a little more. Surprising that even with the separate Facebook Messenger, people are preferring standalone Facebook owned WhatsApp.

I’m exploring YouTube on my own and not just viewing what others want me to – well it helps in perception so I secretly sneak in Facebook and catch few glimpses. Overall, it had been a peaceful one month. I really believe, we can live quite well without Facebook.

Every once in a while its better to switch off this new age technology leash. Facebook is my start. When are you planning to have a day off?

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Show me the green Thu, 06 Nov 2014 01:29:39 +0000 Continue reading Show me the green ]]> There has been a lot of hue and cry over bringing the black money back to India. Supreme Court is asking Government of India to give a detailed report. We hear Switzerland is willing to share all details of holders. But with all this being said, where is the money and will it ever come back?


Don’t want to go into detail, but my answer will be NO – Never.

What is Swiss Bank? Swiss Bank is not a bank. Banks of Switzerland are Swiss Banks. What is important is they follow Banking Law of 1934 which makes disclosing details of holders by Banks a criminal offence. This was done to protect Jews from Nazi onslaught. For banks, the account holder is a number. This anonymity makes Switzerland the go to place to hide all the black money.

So why is Switzerland giving up details? India is not the only one with black money problems. USA, UK and Western European countries pressurised due to growing concerns of tax evasion. Some laws were amended to allow sharing of information (not sure if India is in list). The Wikipedia article on the Federal Act on Banks and Savings Banks is an interesting read.

This law only permits a bank to share information with others in cases of severe criminal acts, such as identifying a terrorist’s bank account or tax fraud, but not simple non-reporting of taxable income. So, it’s difficult to extract data even if you have proof of non-reported income – at least that’s what I understood from the article. There’s something more interesting in another Wikipedia article regarding Numbered Accounts.

… to restrict … numbered accounts … the Council of Europe mandated in 1980 … accounts be subject to international and domestic regulations pertaining to the verification of the identities of account holders and their activities. Under these … banks … may be required by a court order to reveal the owner’s name and financial details, and the identity of the holder or beneficial owner must be examined for obvious fraudulent intentions at the start of the banking relationship.

OK, so there is some mandatory verification of identities. Does it not apply to India? Of course this is from Council of Europe but when every law/rule/mandate as a European connection why not this? Can’t say about verification process but incase it has been done, who verified Indians to open account? But whatever be the case, to get the details from Swiss Banks only Swiss Court can request subject to criminal investigation or tax fraud but not for tax evasion.

The important question –  everything settled – will we get the money? I say again – NO. It’s pretty simple that whoever has an account there is not stupid. When there is so much hue and cry for black money, why will someone leave the money in there? If you are agitating against black money, why will I wait for you to get me – I’ll take my money out first. But If I’m ruling and you’ve black money then I’m sure you’ll also act same.

In that case, we may never get latest status – Yes. Will we get the oldies? – May be. They are banks so will have beneficiaries. If the main holder is deceased, the why will the beneficiary wait? Beneficiary will either use it up or again act as above.

Government submitted some names and Supreme Court has acknowledged. Yes, that has been done but the fact is when was the report generated. If a Governement is seeking information (I don’t know how because as per Banking Law the court should do it), then insiders will be first to grab their own stuffs. There may be some legal process and such people do keep their eyes and ears open. So, we take out some more people from the list. Eventually, the list may be quite small with all big fishes already slipped from the net.

Where does the money go? Do you know where the money from Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010 go? Do you have idea of money gone from 2G scam? The money may be invested in property in India, outside India. It may be lying inside the bed of some one. I could be wrapped in polythene and hidden inside drain. The money could be anywhere but doubtfully not where we are looking for.

May be continued…

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