ZeroneA The Reverse Way Sun, 31 Jan 2016 16:46:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Roads to nowhere Sun, 31 Jan 2016 16:44:39 +0000 Continue reading "Roads to nowhere"]]> We are always in a hurry that we forget to understand how things become excruciatingly painful for others. There are a lot of things that happen in and around us which seem natural but when you see from a distance, it is disgusting.

The Train Journey

For most of us, we’ve travelled by Indian Railways. Sadly my last travel being almost a year old now. Honestly, I love travelling in train where you’ve mostly nothing to do, look out of window and chit-chat. Due to patchy network mobile phone are used less frequently but with introduction of wall points, now we find wall-huggers too. One thing has not changed, we are the ones who damage it. Read the latest news of Mahamana Express that within 3 days, the model train is just like another damaged body on wheels – stolen accessories and made dumping ground. Read more Swanky, new Mahamana Express? not anymore and #Shame. Mahamana Express Goes From Swanky To Stinky In One Week. Knowingly added 2 links for those who have difficulty in understanding their own faults. We expect the train to be kept clean for us but we do not keep it same way for the next person – basic lavatory/toilet rule – Keep it same way as you expect it to be. I may be rude but the fact is

We lack basic civic sense.

Reaching early more important than Life

Times Of India on Page 2 published an article regarding a person’s harrowing experience in an ambulance which was carrying his father.

Ambulance Condition in Delhi

It is appreciated (the father survived) that the trouble of the person is highlighted but the issue was not public, it was due to BJP workers protesting against AAP Govt. in Delhi. Place where Times of India has failed miserably is to highlight that this is the plight of so many others in Ambulance even when there is no protest. This is very well depicted in Varun Pruthi’s YouTube video as a social experiment.

Everyday we travel to work via different modes, Cycle, Rickshaw (manual & powered), Motocycle, Car, Bus & Metro. Metro trains are crowded but what about roads? There is more possibility in reaching destination faster by Metro than by Road not because Metro has certain shortcuts but because Metro works like clockwork and no traffic. Our roads are overcrowded and overflowing – Yes! I’ve seen people driving over footpaths which is for pedestrians.

Sadak tere baap ki hai?

The oft-repeated words on road apart from abuses and billions, trillions of horns is Sadak tere baap ki hai? (Does this road belong to your father?) Lane driving is forgotten and in a lane of 3 cars you can see 6-7 and that is not an exaggeration. In such case if there is an ambulance, how can we expect the ambulance will reach the destination.

It has been made fun that Pizza reaches in 30 minutes yet Ambulance never reaches on time is simply for this reason. Pizza arrives on motorcycle which has 2 wheels and traverses routes in a risky manner. Regular 2 wheelers users take far more risks and are dangerous to others. As a smaller vehicle they get preference over other powered vehicles but the turns and path they take are never safe. Motorcycles drive over footpaths, zig-zag between cars, buses, trucks and race as the light turns green, thanks to high acceleration. The last part also applies to cars as well. A vehicle taking a right turn is on left lane, a vehicle indicating left turn is on right lane is a very common sight. It is expected to keep safe distance but in India this means when vehicles are stand still, a person can pass through.

Is this legacy we want to leave behind? Do you want to die in Ambulance instead of being saved in a hospital? To end it all, the quote says it all.

Treat the way you want to be treated.

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One more year – 2016 Thu, 31 Dec 2015 19:20:04 +0000 Continue reading "One more year – 2016"]]> It’s the time of the year for that customary New Year post. Just before writing this, I finished 2 posts in quick succession Basic Necessities and Kejriwal – Raising Stakes. Undecided what I should write (more), so I looked back. Last year was one of the times when I was quite low and also lost trust of some people. Devoted some more time to blog (yes, wrote a little more than earlier years), disconnected from social media (read Facebook). Due course of the year, I’ve understood its part of life. You win some and you lose some and as they say I’m back on my feet for now.

I cherish, this has been the most successful year of my blog and post related to SBI online banking has been most commented on. Yes! I count comments because I’m not in the league where unique visitors count. My unique visitors hardly go over 5 fingers but the response for this post want me write more. I shifted my house couple of months back and still coping with new address.

Even though my posts have been as old as 2009 but reposted due to domain name changes, which has screwed the timelines (oldest post in this blog is shown as 2010). I never had a fixed staring point but now it’s time to ask 2016, where to now?

Wish you all and your near and dear ones a fun-filled and prosperous New Year – 2016

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Kejriwal – Raising stakes Thu, 31 Dec 2015 18:28:05 +0000 Continue reading "Kejriwal – Raising stakes"]]> Kejriwal aka The Muffler Man is back. He has been a anti-corruption crusader and a self-proclaimed incorruptible and only honesty certifying agency in the world. After 49 days of winter, he’s back for 5 seasons of winter. We don’t know if corruption will ever end but Arvind Kejriwal has raised the stakes.

Why corruption happens? It happens due to 2 reasons:

  1. Fault of person bribing because he did not start early or expedite process & needs additional favours
  2. Person taking bribe who uses the above as opportunity as additional income or for additional income deliberately forces delays

Both these people are 2 sides of a coin. While first will curse of bribe and people accepting bribe but yet keep on doing it and later will complain of workload and people with references and salaries.

Arvind Kejriwal played a masterstroke. Since corruption is driven from top (as person on top seeks additional favours – read monies, from people under him), he raised the salary to 400%. The ministers get that amount but sure not the babus. Share of babu’s income is increased. Even if it is claimed, no one is taking bribe, is there a parameter? What about the size of dataset chosen? Well at least will be required to pay less “bribe” tax.

Arvind Kejriwal was not satisfied so he introduced a Even-Odd drive. Filled with loopholes and fine of ₹2000 INR. 08:00 to 20:00 except Sundays cars with Even number will ply on Even numbered days and Odd number on Odd numbered days. This is when proper infrastructure not in place.

  • What is the proof someone has medical emergency and who decides it?
  • Who will verify CNG sticker on car is valid one or what if someone removed it
  • No mention of PUC check. Are they not required?
  • Anyone coming to Delhi from other states in own car to drop at airport will have to check calendar and their car number before coming to Delhi

Keeping all aside, traffic snarls will now happen before 08:00 instead of current 09:00 to 10:00 and if someone starting early caught in it and goes beyond the time? Is it plan of big corporates to make their employees sit for 12 hours? Last time they increased from 8 hour day to 9 hour day during recession and it has stuck since, may be this is another such shot in the arm that people can stay in office for 12 hours.

A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Again speculations. But this is real. Now the stakes are high. Person giving bribe will be happy to shell more ₹₹₹ INRs instead of paying fine of ₹2000 INR. Cumulatively paying ₹100 at 10 places is still cheaper than the fine. Is Arvind Kejriwal stating there will be volunteers checking for corruption too? Since, they are not officially appointed or bound, who’ll check for hooliganism or even abuses. Doh! What is someone refuses to pay fine or delays showing papers – the line following the person will be restless to be in office before time.

One thing is sure, there will be increased flow of money. Either fine or bribes. The stakes are high!


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Basic Necessities Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Continue reading "Basic Necessities"]]> Yesterday was deadline for posting about Net Neutrality in India. More details on and if I remember correctly, this is the third time TRAI is seeking if we should’ve Net Neutrality or not. The major force which wants India should not have Net Neutrality in India is Facebook. First starting with which it has now beautifully renamed as Free Basics. But what is Net Neutrality & what is our basics?

Net Neutrality is basically what is exists of today. Yes, that means you pay for the internet service and you use anything you want. Be it games, news, entertainment, all you get is constant service. If you are a news person, you can go for a cheap data plan which will offer you less data. And if you are a gamer, you need very fast connection or if an entertainment device user a very high data plan.

As it famously goes, “All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. So if the news person thinks of going to a video site all he’ll see is “Buffering” and huge bills for data over use. What if the provider says, you get high-speed or no data charge for using a competitive video hosting site. Naturally, news person will shift to these sites. That’s where the Net Neutrality ends.

  • Differential speeds or data limitation for specific sites
  • Differential pricing for different services
  • Indirectly forcing people to a competitive channel

How does it matter, the news person is getting his dose of entertainment. If most videos are uploaded to the non-free site, means the person is missing on many things and is content with inferior product.

It is no surprise, everyone loves freebies.It makes sense that you use a service and get a return, that is understandable just like banks give interest or credit card companies give reward points. When someone gives something for free, it’s time to read the fine lines with extreme magnifying glass and ultra slow speed.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Why would someone give something for free? Charity or Philanthropy. Charity is just giving while Philanthropy is uplifting. What Facebook is doing is neither of these. It ties up with services and service providers. Essentially Facebook as a service becomes a gatekeeper for other services and service providers and acts as a service provider. Sounds complicated? Facebook has already tied up with Reliance Communications  (RCom) to give free Facebook. Facebook freaks will love to get more of Facebook which means some will jump ships. What about others prices with RCom or even service – will it give same or better service than other players is still unanswered.

Who benefits here? RCom gets users (atleast a nudge higher as compared to now) & Facebook as they’ll get more of your data. What if tomorrow another service comes up which has better features and fewer ads (or annoying games) than Facebook, people will still choose Facebook – simple coz its free. The new service will choke on itself. Facebook is killing competition.

For many people internet is Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube but what if you need to pay premium for them. Many will stop using them and will switch to competitive and cheaper options. Something that has happened to our TV. Gone are days when you would pay one amount and get all channels but now you pay per channel. Any new channel to come up will either have to be free to air (means more ads) or have to be owned by a big company to absorb the costs. Do you want same to happen to your internet?

Lets be honest, what are our basic necessities? Its “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” (Bread, Clothing & Housing). How does internet became a basic? In a country where literacy level is just 74% (source) but that doesn’t mean 74% of India know English. English is primary form on internet and not all are compatible with regional language.

Literacy, as defined in Census operations, is the ability to read and write with understanding in any language.

Considering, Facebook says it’ll provide basic internet to rural people. This has essentially below flaws:

  • Rural people knowing English to navigate website. Considering, they do convert pages to regional language, the type of phone.
  • Basic java phone works brilliantly on 2G too. Why would someone pay additional budget over internet when we’ve people available locally who know – for free. Basically do they know what is internet?
  • Android phone. Woah! If they use a smart phone and aware it needs data and they use it, then I’m sure they don’t need free data too. Apple iPhone? I think we got a wrong data set here
  • Final quest. Connectivity. How reliable is connection? In cities where 4G struggles, 3G crawls and 2G dies will Facebook put up own towers?

If Facebook really cares, it should join hands with Google for Project Loon or may be push their own research. A company whose business is to use your data and sell your data to advertisers and advertise is giving away free internet? Anything you do on or Free Basics will give your data to Facebook. More data, more insight, more specific ads. I hope now you get it, they were using your data and making money and now suddenly their conscience called and they though to make it official BUT now they want all alone.

I feel, Facebook is not alone. It has some brilliant lobbying around. Billions of people use Facebook and many click links blindly, means many would’ve loved Free Basics without knowing the above. Facebook can dictate what happens in India (or what we consume) while sitting in US. It has changed its wordings to fool people already ( to Free Basics). TRAI has sought our opinion third time.

Sample this: It happened first time, everyone got up and raise their voice. Facebook lobby failed to get They tried again. This time lobby succeeded but sane heads in TRAI followed public opinion. Again people stood up, this time less than initial lot. Facebook lobbied harder. Succeeded again and another user opinion. Facebook chose confusing words like used in our Constitution. More and more ads on TV, more notification on Facebook mobile & web. Don’t know how many clicked and how many mailed this time. Don’t know if there will be another time and even don’t know will Net Neutrality be in India.

If Facebook lobby wins, India will be a country where a foreign service provider will dictate the National rules. Imagine some Indian company doing same in US. Basic necessities will forever be “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan”


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Good Bye 110023 Mon, 26 Oct 2015 00:18:18 +0000 Continue reading "Good Bye 110023"]]> It’s been over 23 year my address had been revolving around the PIN Code 110023. I’ve been so much attached that at many places this has been my permanent address (actually just like we put –do– or –Same as above– in Permanent Address & Present Address field). Now it’s time to move on… not leaving Delhi but 110023 is not where I’ll be.

Spent all school days from this place, even returned here in college, , got first job, got married and also have a kid. When so much happen around the same place you grew up, it actually holds a special place. Remember many shortcuts, those cycle races, play grounds, chased away by gardeners, house-hopping. Actually have been spoilt by the area and never will find such a place. As my dad says, “We are living at the citadel”, yes Raisina Hill is not for from there 😉 We bid farewell to friends, offices, jobs and even to frenemies but this is me leaving with a heavy heart and lots of memories. Good Bye 110023.

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Egg & Chicken problem: Address Change Mon, 05 Oct 2015 13:13:15 +0000 Continue reading "Egg & Chicken problem: Address Change"]]> I finished up posting about issues in India with Are we there yet? and I’m stuck knee-deep in an Egg and Chicken problem. May be I’ve a solution but it is as twisted logic as the rule.

Soon we are about to shift to a new house and now my major concern is getting updated all correspondence address wherever given. I’ve a fairly small list: mobile & bank(s).

Step 1:

Called up Customer Care for mobile, thinking it to be pretty straight forward. I hit the wall as fast as I thought easy it’ll be. They won’t take address update details over phone. What! I thought I had a postpaid mobile service but they are even fcking NSA proof, I’m expected to give a little Personal Interview for address change.. They need hard copy of my ID, my address and me personally visiting the mobile local office. I can live with hard copies & visits but expecting have an address proof when changing address. It’s like basically, “Fck we don’t trust you. Give me all your details”. Expected address proof, Bank Statement, Passport, Voter ID card, Driving Licence, Utility Bills.

Step 2:

Bank Statement!!! Yay! I can get that. Called up Customer Care for bank. After almost 10 minutes talking to a lady who didn’t understand what I’m saying and kept on repeating to press random buttons on phone. I can never forget her name, she’s everywhere… IVR. I think I had more interaction with IVR than with actual representative, who in one sentence shattered my dreams. “As per RBI regulations, you’ll have to send a hard copy of your ID and Address Proof (all self attested) along with an application. We do not accept address update details on phone”. So, that didn’t work out too. They are not even expecting a personal visit. Expected address proof again is Bank Statement, Passport, Voter ID card, Driving Licence, Utility Bills.

I’m not going for Passport address change because it took me over 6 months to get mine because of issue called, “Address Change”.

I enquired about Voter ID card, they also need an Address Proof.

Driving License, don’t have one.

Utility Bills: Isn’t Mobile bills one of those. Nah! Didn’t work.

Dear Narendra Modi, Is this what you are referring to Digital India? If we are going digital, every thing must go digital. Is there a place where I can get my address updated, which can happily give me a No Objection Certificate to show the world and say, “hey, I live here. Now update my address.”

My Egg & Chicken Problem

The Egg: The house is in my mother’s name. The Electricity, Water, Gas all billed to my mother.

The Chicken: I do not have a single thing because I stay with them and already have Bank Statement <–> Utility Bill problem with me.

Funny incident happened over 5 years ago. A friend applied for Passport. He was worried as he had nothing under his name as address proof. I jokingly said, you are your father’s son so give them his details

May be my friend didn’t understand that well but I guess that is the solution for me. Get my mother’s details, along with proof that I’m her son, a little personal one-on-one and then, I have the permission to get the address updated. Looks like even that is not accepted. I visited the bank, tried to explain the situation but what I got is below:

  • ID proof of mother
  • Any State or Government organisation bill or any other Centralised bank Passbook or statement
  • Written application with photo and signature stating I’m her son and live with her
  • My ID proof
  • DNA sample & signature from Raghuram Rajan verifying all the above (OK… I made this up!)

I took the sale deed with me which stated My mother’s & father’s name. I had my ID proof which also stated my father’s name. Heck, even had Passport copy which had both their names. Alas, that is not enough. Looking for more alternate solutions.

There are major flaws in the guidelines. It is understandable that Bank needs all proof to avoid frauds but it is quite surprising to have the same rules being applied to Mobiles as well. If we are going to Digital India, we’ll have to start somewhere. Imagine the amount of paper being wasted in hard copies. At least 3 copies of each document to be given at 3-4 places to update same thing, which translates to 12 pages (minimum) which is equal to ₹24 of photocopy or ₹40 for print outs (unless used Office resources). Where does these 12 pages go and how long are they stored? If they are stored, isn’t there a risk of them to be misused because we’ve given literally all our details to a third-party. That is for only 1 service. Imagine coupling it with new service, update service or even cancel the service, each day 15 people cumulative, 20 working days makes to 12 * 15 * 20 = 3600 A4 size pages at 24 * 15 * 20 = ₹7200 INR. This data is hypothetical because there are over 100 services and we are over 1 Billion so expecting only 15 is unrealistic. Make it at least humble 1% of 1 Billion = 50,000,000. The new numbers are 12,000,000,000 A4 Pages at ₹24,000,000,000 INR i.e. 12 Billion A4 Pages & ₹24 Billion INR. Wow! That’s some huge number and lots of zeroes and only 1 service. Manufacturing and wastage of paper expense is yet to be calculated.

How difficult it is for a mobile company to verify me face to face for which there will be an ID proof (heck, make that digital too. I’ll speak the ID and it’ll show my details on to their screen with my photo). If they think someone my look-alike, forge my signature, give same PIN or Thumb impression as mine, well that’s quite high-tech and much difficult to forge than the paper trail they are expecting us to leave behind. This system is to safeguard the companies and the organisations. If somebody uses the paper then authorities will be double-quick to say “It’s on paper. You are screwed and nothing can be done about it so f*ck off!”.

You don’t save wood or paper just by saying, “Print this mail only if necessary” or preaching, “Reduce font by 1 size to save paper”. If we want to reach Digital India, let’s start by securing things.

Lots of people have provided their details for Aadhar (Unique Identification Number, UID). With such a huge database for authentication (and they do verify Aadhar details online), they need to make a system which can take thumb impression to validate the identity by showing Photo, Name, ID, Address, Phone Number, Father’s & Mother’s Name. I’ve seen SBI has provided Fingerprint reader to employees for authentication, why can’t we common public be authenticated? SBI can be made the biggest NoC supplier to validate identity of a person or even have the current Aadhar centres to update the address by authenticating with Fingerprint.

Things may change but doesn’t seem in near future as the Aadhar page says,

Choose Aadhaar! It is voluntary. “It is not mandatory for a citizen to obtain an Aadhaar Card.”

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Are we there yet? Fri, 02 Oct 2015 15:11:40 +0000 Continue reading "Are we there yet?"]]> For a long time, I’ve intrigued that what is the status of India, are we a developing nation or a developed one. I wrote this post Can India be superpower? almost a year and half back. I can not say if this is a logical extension to same, may be you could suggest me where this fits. This brings us to a major question, will we ever be a Developed Nation?

Development to me appears to be a relative term. I’ve never been to places which are called un-developed (outside India) but I’ve been to place which they call Developed (United Kingdom). I won’t mind if someone calls me I’m comparing the two worlds, I guess that’s why they are called developed. There are varying degrees on which this discussion could be based. I would love to start from the problems which we face the most.

You are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic.

For me the above is a great summary but what does this mean? There is no problem in India but we Indians are the major problem – and that what it means to me. There is a proposition that we’ve a huge population, lets put that aside for later.

Traffic & Queue

To start with, we have major aversion with following rules. This is more evident on roads and wherever there’s a queue.

  • You are driving and see a gap, you push your car in squeezing, scratching, abusing others. But was that the proper lane. I’m sure, most will jump and scream, “F*ck, there are lanes in India”. Well, yes there are but you choose to ignore it and so does the civic authorities
  • You are in a queue, and see a person querying something at the counter. What do you do? मेरा सिर्फ एक ही सामान है, मेरा पेहले कर दो, मुझे जल्दी जाना है। (I’ve got only 1 item. Please bill me first, I’m in a bit of hurry). We are shameless about it too, isn’t it the person in front of you queued up, wasted his time & effort or s/he is more important than you?

This incident is from 2012, the day I landed in UK. I was asked for some documents and were asked to follow a different queue. When my turn came, I was interacting with the officer. A lady had some doubts and she jumped the queue to clarify it. The officer calmly said, “Do they know something about queues, wherever you come from?” It immediately branded her and her country. She went back and waited for her turn. I did wait to see what happen next. The officer gave her full attention when her time came and there was no discrepancy.

  • We take up all of the road and do not even allow emergency services to pass through. Driving in India is horrible, scary & dangerous. More people die on road in India that anywhere else.

During my stay in UK, we used to hit the road many too often. On one such instance, we had 2 cars but only one GPS Navigation device. It was decided, the second car will follow the first car which will have the GPS and me being in second car will use internet enabled Nokia N8. The first car missed a turn and stopped at hard shoulder – which is a hardened strip which has SOS hardline telephone at every few meters and is kept free for emergency services. When the second car stopped, we were intercepted by Police immediately (within 30 seconds of stopping of first car) enquiring if there is emergency and asked to move away if there is no emergency.

  • Driving in driving direction & putting life in danger of co-passengers and others on road
  • Service lane is for services only but concept is totally different in India. Service Lane are unidirectional lanes which run parallel to main road and used to divert from main road to access local areas\cities and Services (which has Restrooms, Restaurants, Gas Stations etc). In India, Service Lane is bidirectional and it is considered extension of main road and even opposite lane driving


The most dangerous terms that are pulling back India are, “Adjust kar lo” & “Sab chalta hai”\”Jugaad”.

I’m a regular Delhi Metro commuter (used to take Buses too earlier) and the most irritating term I hear ever is “Adjust kar lo”. In a seat where only 7 can accommodate in Delhi Metro, some guy or girl will come up (they will not ask you to leave the seat unless it’s a girl/lady & you are on seat marked for ladies), थोड़ा साईड दे दो (Give me side) or ऐडजस्ट कर लो (Please adjust). That 1 person causes inconvenience to atleast 3 people and themselves. If one of the person leaves, then the person seeking adjustment is always willing to cover the full space.

“Sab chalta hai” or “Jugaad” is the way to go for India for living up with substandard quality. Yes, it is true that we do not get the best of the world. There are enough examples we see or do which shows how content we are using substandard products. Talking about it will take forever.


One particular thing we crib about (at least I do) is dirt, garbage & stink. It all comes from us by not throwing our garbage in designated bins, letting stray animals spread it around, spit Pan/Gutkha on road & walls. Of above, at least throwing garbage & not to spit is under our control yet we avoid that and then put the blame over to authorities for not acting up.

It is not that authorities are not part of it. They are the other face of the coin. Imagine this, a new bin is set up. Few days all goes well, it is clean and people thew their garbage in the bin. One day it started stinking. Someone threw the garbage outside the bin to avoid getting closer. Others followed. Authorities ignored maintaining the bin, ignored garbage outside the bin simply because they are human too and would not like to touch garbage. Slowly more threw garbage outside the bin. Authorities followed routine. Now everyone made it an open bin and authorities are helpless as too much of garbage. This the case everywhere and more visible in Indian Railways as well.

In UK, every household is given trash can. You put your trash in the can tied in bin bags. Every week the trash cans are emptied by the authorities. Solves all 3 issues above as no one likes to keep their own house dirty.


Even if we are considered hardworking, we are equally lazy.

  • Waiting for last day to file Income Tax
  • Wait for last day to pay bills
  • Reaching late by saying “Indian Stretchable Time”
  • and list could go on…

Well all above mentioned problems are because, we are lazy.

  • We are lazy so we started late from home and require to cut lanes and queues causing traffic jams & chaos
  • We are lazy so did not put effort to do the best
  • We are lazy so threw garbage outside bins, spit on walls
  • And yet we hardly reach on time!

Lets start solving the problems by just being little proactive, being little early on schedule, keeping in handy 20% of your total time handy.

What if we leave home 10 minutes early (for a 50 minute journey)? No need to break traffic laws.

No need to take that shortcut though busy market.

No need to throw garbage outside bins & run off.

No need to spit on walls coz you didn’t hold on to reach the bins.

Follow lanes: No one cutting in between, so no delays. Jams will be there but will be peaceful one. No honking.

No pushing or rushing in Bus or Metro. No paying extra to Auto.

What if we put more effort in fixing the problem?

(Also for studies & job)

Less time bitching & less time fixing (coz, you’ll fix once with quality product, which will go on for years!)

More effective solution. In case of any issue, time in hand to redo.

What if paid bills on time/submitted forms/even studied? No need to pay anyone… No fines, no donations, no bribes .

 To all problems, there’s always a solution. For big ones, solution are always simple ones. If there ain’t a solution, it ain’t a problem.

If you think there are other pressing issues (this is focussed on us) missed or if you feel this can solve many problems, do comment. Do mention your solutions so others can benefit too!

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