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This is not a technical assistance but an information to check your routers if your are seeing unexpected pop-ups. After coming back to India, I saw unexpected increase in pop-ups. With pages that worked without issues started giving pop-ups with clicks and sometimes on scroll or click on no links.

I tried looking for reasons of unexpected pop-ups. I found that Airtel and MTNL are injecting pop-ups in pages. Screenshots showed they are not pop-ups but hovering ads. So, I moved on.

I could see even my blog started with the pop-ups. I started observing the ads on pages I visit. These ads looked different. Simply put some crazy, cheap gifs, which are outdated now. It made me remember those age old cyber-cafe days. Now I had to look what these pop-ups are.

Thanks to poor speed, I was able to see the initial redirect link. I could see the pages go through 5-10 redirects before showing adult site, Facebook, page showing my device(s) is infected etc. The main redirect pages seemed to be adcash & rdsrv.

Firefox & Firebug to rescue. I started looking into code of pages. They had some unexpected coding standard another <head><body> HTML statements inside <body>. I looked in my blog. Similar situation happened. I’m using WordPress so I’m sure they won’t do that. Checked my homepage, which is under development since the inception, it’s just a landing page now :) It too had adcash [DOT] com. I did not write it nor Google will introduce something.

adcash & rdsrv are common bugs which find a way to install on PCs or browsers as extension. The issue was showing everywhere, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, iPad. I don’t use PC much but I’m certain others don’t have bugs or extensions (I avoid extensions except 1Password). Some codes did not have adcash but I found there is some adk [DOT] com. The pages had inconsistency. After reading about adcash & rdsrv bugs, I checked all systems. They were green. Now it was time to router check.

I’ve a MTNL ADSL Modem (Sterlite SAM300 AX) connected to Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. All devices use wifi from AEBS. I can not see if AEBS has infection or the MTNL Modem. I disconnected from Wi-Fi and used hotspot from my device to browse. Web pages looked good. Checked source, no adcash or adk. Awesome!

Connected system to MTNL Modem via LAN Cable. Voila! The bug is back. I had read that AEBS is safe but since the issue is with MTNL Modem, I first thought to correct it.

Step 1: Call MTNL and ask for modem change. That call went for 30 mins (except wait time), trying to explain that Modem has bug while other end was quite sure it is a system/browser issue. Finally the issue reported and I’m waiting for replacement modem.

Step 2: Read about modem. Well actually, how to reset it. Since this is a infection assumed the firmware is still intact and resetting it should give me factory settings. Before Step 2, I did get all required documents to reconfigure. It took me more time to look for a pin to reset than to actually do it. A pen (mightier than a sword) helped me push that button and the word document from MTNL website helped reconfigure. Within minutes, I was up and running without pop-ups.

Till now, a good amount of time, I’ve not seen any pop-up or javascript injection on pages I visit. Now it’s a matter of time I get replacement modem as the bug may return. I could do the firmware upgrade but (being lazy here) since this is quite old, may not be supported or new modems will have better handling of infections. If I’m supplied this again, I might go for a new modem (on my own) altogether.

Do check guys if you see unexpected behaviour with your browser?

  1. Then check for unexpected software (for PC: Win + R > appwiz.cpl i.e. Control Panel > Add Remove Programs).
  2. Check for unexpected Browser Extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others)
  3. Check Source Code of webpage to see adcash, adk or rdsrv (I’ve not seen this but pop-ups show this too)
  4. https:// pages seemingly do not exhibit this behaviour (so may not be seen for gmail, Facebook, outlook)
  5. Visit my page (till I don’t update it), because it does not have pop-ups (and codes written by me or from trusted sources). It does has ads but the above injections break the ads (the Amazon ad below) by showing poorly formatted ads or just Go To Facebook on solid colours

ZeroneA Page


Live Preview of page:

Live Preview of ZeroneA

Update (21/07/2015):

The infection is back and I’m still waiting for new modem.

  1. Check your modem DNS server. Connect to Modem by typing (generally this is used). If you’ve not changed the ID & Password, it should be admin & admin respectively
  2. You might need to access some documentation from you ISP (or seek information from them) regarding the DNS Address. For MTNL it is under Interface Setup > LAN. Mine was redirecting to somewhere in Germany with secondary to (Google). Checked using
  3. Password protect your modem too.

After 2-3 days it’s back so I’m still working on solution. Hopefully I figure it out. Please let me know how you deal with it.

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It’s My Birthday Tue, 14 Jul 2015 16:03:25 +0000

As always, Google knows my b’day and customised the home page…

Happy B'day 2015


Direct Flickr Link:

Happy B'day 2015

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Mobile wallet is bad for you son! Sun, 28 Jun 2015 15:16:00 +0000 Continue reading Mobile wallet is bad for you son! ]]>

I’ve been abroad for around a year. Now I’m back and I can see a lot of things have changed. One thing in particular: Wallets. The kind of wallets I’ve been used to is the physical one. Enter PayPal & Google (I know these only), you enter card and/or bank details and you are done. Worked on Apple  Pay too, similar thing. In India, there is another league going on.

In India, the term Mobile Wallet is probably new and the mobile wallet they’ve implemented is just made Physical wallet to Digital wallet with exactly same features.

What you do with

  • Physical Wallet: keep cash & cards
  • Digital Wallet: Keep cash & cards information.

Your Physical Wallet is not capable of getting you discounts. The only discount it gives is to the thief who steals it. Digital Wallet on other hand gives discount to you only because of tie ups with other vendors and considering norms, may not be pick pocketed.

All seems rosy and I got myself my first Indian version of Digital Wallet. Felt amazing, now I can load up only the amount I want and use it where I want. Showed it to my dad, who doesn’t even like Internet Banking, said only one line – These wallets are useless.

Struck me like anything and I realised, what the heck is this. In PayPal, Google Wallet & Apple  Pay  the money is in your always in your account. When you use, it is deducted from your account. In case of refund, money returns to your account. Some may say they are not wallet but a medium of payment. Well, yes they are but they are wallet too as you can save multiple cards & account. And just like physical wallets, they are personal because money is with you in your account only.

The wallet in India, you deduct the amount from your account. Pay using the wallet. In case of refund money goes back to your wallet. This approach is very archaic and does not actually represent a mobile wallet. This is enacting the way physical wallets work. Physical example, you take money from ATM using Debit Card, Pay using Cash & refund amount goes in as Cash to your wallet/purse. It’s just like you keeping money in your neighbours wallet who is always ready to pay for you till he has “your share” of cash left.

In UK, where major type of account is Current Account & not Savings Account. Even in Savings Account the rate of interest is not very attractive. But we’ve other wallets because of simple reason, money belongs to you and not to anyone else. Banks are to keep your money safe. In India, the more amount stays in Bank, much is the benefit apart from keeping it safe. Using these wallets in India, you take out cash from your account.

  1. You miss out on benefit from bank (4% in Savings, 8-9% in Fixed Deposit)
  2. They don’t give benefit of money stored in wallet
  3. The increasing number of mobile wallet or ways of implementing it, your own money is widely distributed
  4. Some vendors even went further by forcing refunds in such wallets or as promo codes

They are seemingly forcing users towards this skewed form of wallet because:

  1. They get money before hand, kind of small loans
  2. They don’t need to pay you interest
  3. With forms of investment, they can fetch better rates yet not bound to pay you
  4. You are forced to use the related services weaved with Wallet (read partnerships) because the better service provider does not use the particular wallet

We’ve not yet seen advent of Gift Cards in India but these Mobile Wallets are actually a way of Gift Cards which you give to yourself. I don’t see these wallets changing direction but till then they are bad for you and your money. Unless something is done about it, this will create a very bad form of financial market in India, with your money everywhere but not with you.

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Adi Fri, 08 May 2015 05:59:03 +0000

Quite old photo of Aditya

P.S. Trying out if posting photos via mobile app works.

P.P.S. Didn’t work from mobile App. May be didn’t for me as link provided by Flickr app was a shortened or some format. The short link doesn’t work.

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Have we done enough? Thu, 07 May 2015 18:31:55 +0000 Continue reading Have we done enough? ]]>

Justice delayed is justice denied. Yesterday Salman Khan was found guilty in hit-and-run case. In this case don’t see how it is justified and why some people are happy and other divided. I see it as a failure.

A lot has changed over 12 years. Price rise, cost of living, governments. What remains fact is still every winter we call out for help so that people don’t die of cold. These are the people who still live on pavements.

The case is a high-profile one yet it took over 12 years. Is it because of money or other reasons so they could stall this long or judiciary actually works like this? If everyone is equal before law, will same happen (over 12 years) if any other person had done it? Will it be same if a person ran over a celebrity?

Have we done enough? Government claim they’ve done so much for poor but really is not different from last time. Different parameters are made to justify logic. Some are clever enough to siphon benefits and prove themselves poor. Who is validating that rightful is getting their due?

Not justifying anyone but the duration is enough a teen becomes a man, crazy heart becomes sober and we have so many new-born among us and many left. On convicting Salman Khan and sending him to jail what is being achieved? Can’t we introduce rigorous community service instead of relaxed jail time which are filled with bails. Yes, he got bail within 2 hours.

People are divided that Salman Khan is a Samaritan. When did that happen? In these 12 years or before that? Whatever be the case, what good the 5 years in prison will solve? People will still be on pavements, Salman Khan will be out on bail and act in movies and we will go on with our lives feeling happy judiciary works.

I wish it was more like Government uplifted the poor so that they don’t stay on pavement, agency for fair treatment, judiciary to act faster and keep check on agencies and government, little bit strict and Salman Khan shows off his Samaritan side and preach how to be actually “Being Human”. Till then only one question, have we done enough?

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May the 4th be with you Mon, 04 May 2015 22:58:46 +0000

Fossil Automatic Watch… The force is actually with me to charge the watch, everyday & everytime I wear it…

Instagram Photo

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Weirdon’ts – Use, Misuse, Abuse! Sun, 22 Feb 2015 05:27:07 +0000 Continue reading Weirdon’ts – Use, Misuse, Abuse! ]]>

I’ve been thinking of writing on this one particular topic for sometime. This is inspired by my fellow Indians working with me in UK.

Working at onsite has it perks and everyone dreams about it when someone joins an IT organisation which has presence all over the globe. The client in UK does give a lot of importance to human life & work-life balance. It could be UK culture that all offices & store open around 09:00 (some even at 08:00) and close at 17:00 (with few exceptions of course). The exceptions in UK are restaurants and superstores. Yes you heard it right, 17:00 and in India it’s like the start of business time. That’s a different story and not considered here.

I’m in large town in UK with presence of client offices in almost 4 different buildings around the town. They are a respectable client and believe in the people. Presence in different buildings mean a lot of travel to those who want to attend meetings. They do not have a booking system in place to avail cabs to take to different office. How backward you might think but not if I tell you they run shuttle service to all the offices with frequency varying from 15 to 30 minutes. That’s where the problem starts.

The shuttle service is for everyone who need to go from one office to other. What if your house is near an office but you are asked to sit in another. You don’t even have access to go inside the nearest office. What you do? Take the bus to the office or board the shuttle?

I took the shuttle couple of times but then I realised I’m not entitled to it – I do not sit in that office, do not have meeting as it’s my regular office time and I’m taking a seat which could be used by someone who actually needs it. Since then I’ve been quite vocal about it but I’ve heard counter like it’s not running full all the time (So?). Who attends meeting at 18:00 (haven’t you heard of meeting ending at 18:00?).

Even all considered, I’ve seen people queuing up to get in shuttle to avoid situation of in case it gets full and they get left behind. There are people who use this shuttle as cab/office bus regularly. I came up with theory Use, Misuse and Abuse.

  • Use is to attend the meeting at different office.
  • Misuse is to use it as office transport.
  • Abuse is using it regularly for office transport without a conscience regularly.

Of all those people who take the shuttle, if I ask how do they come to office, the “Use” will be honest, the “Misuse” will be dicey but will eventually agree that they did wrong. I’ve some hope for them but the “Abuse”, they will not agree, become Don Quixote and speak of it plying empty, company pays for it et al with cheeky smile AND will never say they came by it. The client trusts its employee and does not ask if they are the intended user but that doesn’t mean company doesn’t care. Who know there may be some new policy which will impact everyone for the deeds of a small group of people.

Imagine using a company service but not paying for it – Company will do the needful to your salary and character certificate. Imagine you taking a bus and not paying for it because your office is enroute –  Driver & conductor will kick you in the a**. Imagine someone sharing a ride in your car but not sharing the fuel cost because he works in your building –  You’ll kick out this other guy. If you can’t accept things that happen to you, don’t do it to others. We as humans take most of the things for granted and live like “not guilty until proven”. But then there are things like doing the right thing. If you can’t speak of what you did means you are doing wrong. Such small incidents when taken note of become stepping stone of something big and then come new rules which apply to everyone. The folly of some, shame of many.

Be sensible, Use don’t Misuse and certainly do not Abuse.




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