Shifting Wor(l)ds!

I’ve been using WordPress on my personal domain & hosting but it is really cumbersome if something goes wrong.┬áSomedays back, my blog link just stopped working. I thought it to be temporary glitch but when it reached hours, I grew nervous. I should’ve spoken to the hosting service but somehow didn’t as other links were working. Thanks to Jetpack which kept telling me its down. Continue reading “Shifting Wor(l)ds!”

From MultiSite to Single Site – My journey

I have been using this blog as a multisite one but recently shifted back to single site format. It took me some time to get a hang of it but finally seems all to be sorted.

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Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, WordPress?

If you came here looking for comparison or review – sorry to disappoint you. These are major social network services I’m subscribed to.

(Can say this is a post to remind me that I’ve not made any post for loooong!) Continue reading “Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, WordPress?”